Don’t let a progressive system mislead you because it’s based on practically increasing your stake. Betting like this requires good self-control, and in practice it is difficult for players to maintain the necessary state of mind for a longer period of time. Multiple losses can lead to “panic” leading to the bettor’s trap.

Budget Management

It is imperative that you invest some of your savings in 토토 사이트 gaming. Choose an amount by which even a series of losses will not lead to bankruptcy. It all depends on the tips you use. If possible, analyze their history to calculate a safe amount for an individual bet. The generally accepted rule is to bet no more than 1-3% of your budget on a single bet. Keep in mind that bigger funds can help you win more without having to take big risks in bets with high odds. Budgeting in relation to your savings is very important when making bets, as the bookmaker has no information about it unlike other factors (e.g. odds, sports news).

Value Draw

If such a bet is successful, for example, wagering € 10 profit would be 6-7 euros, which is 60-70% more than the amount invested. One should not think that the amount of profit is small. The profit depends on the amount invested. If we bet € 10 at odds of 1.70, we win € 7, but if we bet € 100, we win € 70. It is important to adjust the amount of money compared to the budget. If you think the odds compared to the odds offered are adequate, you should bet. How is it calculated? Use the following formula: (betting odds) * (odds of winning) / 100. If the result is more than 1, it means that the bet pays out, but if the result is less than one, you should skip the bet.

Below are a couple of examples:

  • Arsenal has a payout ratio of 1.6. You can estimate the chance of winning to be 70%. Calculated according to the above formula: 1.6 * 70% / 100 = 1.12. In this case, the contribution pays for itself and its value is 12%.
  • The probability of Barcelona winning is the same at 1.7. You can estimate their chances of winning to be 55%. Further according to the formula: 1.7 * 55% / 100 = 0.93. In this case, the bet will not be refunded and you should forget the bet.

Once you’ve placed bets on many events, you’ll learn which ones are worth it, and you don’t have to count it every time.

The last issue to consider is profit management

“Winners” are able to control the situation and returns. They are not attracted to rapid enrichment and do not take unnecessary risks. They follow a system that helped them win.

“Losers” who don’t understand the loss will not be able to control any profit they may have made and will lose it soon. They leave a functioning system, trying to be happy elsewhere or taking risks on bets they consider valuable without further analysis.

For example: a “player – loser” wins € 100 and immediately bets € 5 on each game 4-5 times (if he wants to win € 1000), forgetting that in this way he loses 25% of the winnings. They are convinced it will be a great success, and at the same time they will completely lose their original control.


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