Casinos are sophisticated venues that feature a wide variety of games with a wide range of options to attract the most people. One of the most popular and sought after attractions is roulette, a simple game with many beliefs. Learn about the main myths and superstitions of roulette and why this game is so exciting.

The main superstitions

Roulette numbers

Many players believe that when a certain number does not come out during a few moves, it is a sign that they are about to leave. Thus, they bet on it in order to obtain a faster victory. However, there is no logical or mathematical explanation in this regard. The probability that a certain number will be awarded is the same regardless of how long it goes without being selected. With the Bandar Judi Slot Uang Asli this is very true now.

The colors

There is a belief that the player should bet on the first color that attracts their attention. Many players believe they receive signs of their luck if they look closely at their surroundings and the color around them, such as someone dressed in black or a person with a bouquet of red flowers. Although it is pure superstition, betting on the colors (red or black) is one of the bets that offers the most chances of winning at roulette, i.e. 50% chance of winning.

The lucky numbers

Some bettors tend to bet on numbers they consider to be lucky, such as birthdays or birthdates, or numbers where the player has bet more than once and has always made a profit. From the moment the player comes to believe that this is his lucky number, he always tends to repeat it in the hopes of hoping for positive results.

Specific lucky items

Many players carry some specific items such as a horseshoe, rabbit’s foot or four-leaf clover, as they believe this type of item will bring them more luck and a better chance of winning.

Note that the opposite is also true, that is when certain bad situations occur, such as breaking a mirror or meeting a black cat along the way. In these cases the player should avoid the game tables as it is believed that this will not be his lucky day.

Religious Prayers

Some players say religious prayers and carry religious symbols with them to attract positive energies that help them win their bets.

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The main myths

The possibility of the roulette ball being controlled, casinos claim that no matter how experienced the dealer is, the roulette ball cannot be controlled and cannot be stopped at a specific number. The ball and the wheel spin in opposite directions and there is no way to see where it will fall.


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