There are many standard situations in No Limit Texas Hold’em that you find yourself in quite often. To avoid repeating mistakes, it is enough to be prepared for them.Only if you regularly profit from these situations do you have a chance to be profitable in the long run. Otherwise, you have no chance of surviving in poker, or at least playing “zero”, counting only on bonuses and rakeback.

So, this series of articles will introduce you to the most common situations in gclubTexas Hold’em. We will show you the right solutions, tell you about the chances and basic concepts of these situations. And, of course, we will teach you how to deal with them preflop, postflop and turn.

Standard Situations in Texas Hold’em

Conflip (coin): One pair against two top cards

This is perhaps the most common situation in No Limit Texas Hold’em. Usually it is called “coinflip” or “coin”, that is, your chances of success are approximately equal, 50 to 50. In fact, this is not the case.

In real life, the pocket pair is significantly ahead in most comparisons. So the odds of QQ against AK are 57:43. But if we are talking about a small pair, then it will have less chances even when compared with JT.


Coinflips are the bread and butter of any poker tournament. Send your chips to the middle of the poker table and don’t think too much about it. At a distance, the chances will be approximately equal .

Top pair versus bottom pair

This is a really bad moment for the owner of a lower pair. The dominant hand has an advantage of 82%. In short, there is nothing special to do here, pray or urgently try to appease fortune.

The lower your pair, the more likely you are to be dominated by your opponent. Eights are the line of demarcation between high pairs and lows.

The kicker comes in: Not as bad as you thought

“To be dominated” means to have a weak kicker in relation to the opponent’s top card. However, not everything is as bad in this situation as many players initially believe.The best hand has a 70% chance of winning, which, on the other hand, means that the weaker hand will end up winning about a third of these hands.Of course, the lower your kicker is, the less are the chances you will get into a situation with an equal split of the pot.

With a weak kicker, you always have a high chance of being dominated by your opponent. On the other hand, it is still much better than putting up a weak pair against a stronger pair.

Not an option at all: Pocket pair versus one overcard

This is another unpleasant moment in poker, when a player with an overcard has only a 27-32% chance of success. The only good thing is that in every fourth hand you still have to win.Beware of a weak kicker. It often leads to a situation where there is not a “coin flip” (as you would like), but an exposure with only one overcard.


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